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September 05, 2013

Broad Brush-- New Works by Van Arno

Ghettogloss Presents:
Broad Brush
New works by Van Arno
For immediate release

"Van Arno is the exemplary side of creativity, both biomorphically and anthropomorphically inclined, and one of the rare talents that came out of graffiti."

-Robert Williams

Juxtapoz Magazine Founder

Thursday, Sept 5, 2013
8pm- Midnight
Exhibition on display for one month.

After a 20 year career of pursuing technical precision, Van Arno has taken an experimental turn toward faster, more gestural work. While these new pieces remain figurative and colorful, much has been stripped away. Fussy rendering and detail have given way to a dire immediacy of brushwork. Van's famously overwrought narratives have become bursts of machine gun fire.

The human figure remains the central focus of this show, and Van's well known devotion to twisting and contorting it can be readily seen here. Also obvious is the artist's excitement about this truly new work.

"I found myself spending more and more time painting elements I really didn't care about. Why be an artist if so much of my labor is so...laborious? I could be a bricklayer. I wanted to be engaged and endangered. I wanted to take risks. I wanted to be scared." -Van Arno

For High Res images or further information, Please call Fiora B. 323 871 8100

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June 10, 2013

Ghettogloss Presents: Tightrope (the Fine Line Between Circus And Carnival)

Part gallery, part boutique, music-and-fashion friendly, and always up for anything, from the beginning, Ghettogloss has bucked trends, ignored conventions, and rarely met a boundary it didn't blur. Show Street Art and Skate Art in a gallery? Sure! Put on indie rock shows at a golf course? Why not. Life-drawing sessions with bikini models in gorilla masks at a dive bar? Obviously. Along the way, her co-conspirators have included Tommy Chong, Benicio del Toro, Mark Mothersbaugh, Tony Alva, Mr. Brainwash, Shepard Fairey, Allee Willis, Eddie Ruscha, Roseanne Barr, Angelyne, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, etc.

The inaugural gallery exhibition, TIGHTROPE, defies expectations in its own right. The title of the painting and print series is descriptive, as a certain three-ring theme recurs throughout the imagery -- but there’s a lot more to the story. The series of original pieces was produced exclusively for sale at Costco and will be sold online at GG of course, far from being skeptical, jumped at the chance to bring new original artworks to a whole new audience, and the weirder the plan, the better. "Fiora Boes is a virtuoso. These latest works demonstrate her extraordinary versatility. I've been watching her career for many years. I am thrilled that she has resurfaced with her own work, thumbed her nose at convention, and chosen to exhibit at the venue on Moors art curator
But the real high-wire act is that this elaborate, romantic, edgy, vibrant work that combines the large format digital process (that the artist was known for spearheading into fine art over 20 years ago) combined with hand painted and silkscreen elements, all works are created by Fiora B, the GG founder herself.

TIGHTROPE will open to the public on June 15, 2013 with a Absinthe Popsicle and Kettle Korn reception from 8pm-11pm at the new Eagle Rock Ghettogloss. All of the work on display will be for sale. The exhibition will be on display for one month.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: “Ghettogloss was never supposed to be about me,” and Fiora means that. The whole enterprise was largely a reaction to her perception that the traditional gallery scene was slow to embrace the talented, radical outsiders she loved. Basically, GG was the kind of place she wanted to go, but it didn’t exist yet; and instead of waiting, she just did it herself. With a solid background in film and fashion to her credit before she ever went to art school (at the famously interdisciplinary Otis College), her instinct to put it all together in one place has since become the standard. Despite thinking of GG as one giant art project, and despite the satisfaction of seeing her wacky punk-rock experiment succeed beyond all expectations, something was missing. “Basically, I got sick of people I’ve known for years never even knowing I make art too. But it’s time now. This series means a lot to me, I’m proud of it, and I want it to be seen. I’ve been walking lines my whole life, now it’s time for it all to come together.” So what is the difference between the circus and the carnival? The circus has a plan.


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